Why Bevy Design?

Bevy Design offers everything we need to boost leads and sales on our website, including an interactive, user-friendly dashboard, hundreds of pre-built campaign templates, powerful targeting options, simple customization tools, a comprehensive custom campaign builder with gamified elements, and special integration tools for Shopify stores.

Bevy Design is priced according to the needs of our business. So, no matter how small or large our business is, there will always be a plan that works for us! Bevy Design offers pricing plans based on the number of monthly pageviews on our website, with a fixed monthly subscription fee. Pageviews are counted when customers/visitors navigates our website and visits different pages.

In the table below, we have listed our pricing plan and the number of pageviews for each package:

Number of Pageviews Price
Up To 500 Completely FREE
Up To 40,000 $29.00 Per Month
Up To 100,000 $49.00 Per Month
Up To 250,000 $99.00 Per Month
Up To 500,000 $149.00 Per Month
Up To 1,000,000 $249.00 Per Month
1M+ Contact Us For Custom Pricing

In Bevy Design, the pageviews reset at the end of each month. So, if we have remaining pageviews by the end of a month, they will not be added to our next month's purchase. Let’s say we purchased 40,000 pageviews in January. But, we received 10,000 pageviews on our website for that month. So, the remaining 30,000 pageviews will not be carried over to February. For February, our pageviews will be reset to 40,000 again.

Bevy Design also includes challenges that we can complete to earn rewards. We can earn up to 1,480 free pageviews by completing these challenges and learning how to use the Bevy Design features.

The following table shows the rewards for completing each challenge:

Challenge Reward
Daily Login 20 Free Pageviews
Change to Mobile View 500 Free Pageviews
Start Editing A Template 250 Free Pageviews
Visit Analytics 50 Free Pageviews
Visit Display Rules 20 Free Pageviews
Visit Targeting Triggers 20 Free Pageviews
Visit The Builder 20 Free Pageviews
Publish A Campaign 100 Free Pageviews
First Time Login 500 Free Pageviews

In Bevy Design, free pageviews earned as a reward for completing a challenge expire at the end of each month. For instance, if we earn free pageviews in January, they will expire at the end of the month and will not be carried over to February.

Please check out our Plans & Billing article to learn how to buy and claim pageviews.

For more information on our pricing plans, contact us via live chat or email at [email protected].

Last updated on 15th Jul 2022