Bevy Design vs Just Uno

Bevy Design vs. Justuno

A third party investigated Bevy Design and similar apps. Their findings are summarized below:

"I've encountered many bugs while using Justuno. For their absurd price, I had higher expectations of their product offering. They combined their dashboard and campaign design page, which makes their UI extremely confusing to navigate. Also, their pre-built template section is empty; please add examples! " - New User

Bevy Design vs. Justuno Features

Features Bevy Design Justuno
Pop-Ups Yes Yes
Flyouts Yes Yes
Banners Yes No
Bars Yes No
Spin to Win Yes No
Lead Capture Yes No
Games Yes No
Quizzes Yes No
Surveys Yes No
Landing Pages Yes Yes
Static Coupon Creation Yes Yes
Dynamic Coupon Creation Yes Yes
A/B Testing Yes Yes
Multi-Step Popup Yes No
Age Verification Yes No

Bevy Design vs. Justuno Pricing

JustUno has a monthly subscription plan that is priced based on the number of pageviews expected per month.

Number of Pageviews Price
Up To 4,999 Free Account
Up To 9,999 $29.00 Per Month
Up To 24,999 $49.00 Per Month
Up To 49,999 $99.00 Per Month
Up To 99,999 $199.00 Per Month
Up To 199,999 $349.00 Per Month
Up To 499,999 $499.00 Per Month
Up To 999,999 $699.00 Per Month

For 1,000,000 pageviews or higher, we will have to contact their sales team to set a pricing plan.

In Bevy Design, the pricing plan is also based on the website's expected number of monthly pageviews, and a fixed subscription fee is charged each month.

Our pricing plan and the number of pageviews included with each package are listed in the table below:

Number of Pageviews Price
Up To 500 Completely FREE
Up To 40,000 $29.00 Per Month
Up To 100,000 $49.00 Per Month
Up To 250,000 $99.00 Per Month
Up To 500,000 $149.00 Per Month
Up To 1,000,000 $249.00 Per Month
1M+ Contact Us For Custom Pricing

Our app is priced according to the needs of your business, meaning that no matter how small or large your business is, there will always be a suitable plan for you!

Bevy Design is the most cost-effective and powerful solution for customer engagement. Sign up here!

Last updated on 15th Jul 2022