Tagging and Retargeting Visitors

In Bevy Design, you can target visitors on your Shopify store using tags, which can be attached to interactions in your campaigns. By using tags, you can categorize users and show them offers or campaigns specific to their tags.

Screenshot of Tagging Option in Bevy Builder

Here’s how you can set a tag for any interaction or element:

  1. First, click on the product element
  2. Navigate to Set Actions and select Tag Visitor
  3. Place the appropriate tag in the text box

Screenshot of Tagging Option in Triggers Tab

To target a specific campaign for users with certain tags:

  1. Create the campaign
  2. Go to Triggers tab
  3. Select Targeting option
  4. Select Specify Shopify Tags
  5. Enter the tag to target users for those specific tag
Last updated on 19th Oct 2021