Give your visitors the special treatment and achieve maximum impact.

To find target options, first select the Triggers tab on top of the Builder screen. Next, in Trigger Settings select "Targeting" to reveal your options. All that's left is to customize your visitor experience!

The user will be rewarded with 20 free pageviews when visiting the Targeting option for the first time.

Screenshot of Targeting Options

Target Based on Visitor Type

Select the Specific Users radial to target new or returning visitors.

Select the New Visitors option and the campaign will only be shown to new visitors who've never seen the campaign before.

Choose the Returning Visitors option and you can pick how many days/pages the user has to visit before seeing your campaign.

You can also switch on the Maximum Displays by clicking the toggle to set a limit for how many times a single visitor can see your campaign.

Fine tune the experience and explore further customization options, it's that easy!

Screenshot of Visitor Targeting

Target Based on Location

Targeting by location can help you display specific offers to customers based on their geographic location.

Clicking the Display To or Never Display To options will allow you to search by city/country.

Screenshot of Location Targeting

Target Based on Referral Site

Specify campaigns to only show up if the visitor is coming from a specific website like Google or Facebook.

Clicking the Specific Locations or Ignore Locations options will let you specify a site to whitelist/blacklist.

Alternatively, the list on the right side will let you pick from an aggregated list of your visitor's frequent referral traffic locations.

Screenshot of Referral site based targeting

Target Based on Cookies

Target and display your campaigns by the cookies your visitors use.

Enter the cookie name and value, or...

Leave the value blank to match any value!

Not sure what cookies to target? Bevy Design will let you know what cookies past visitors have been using.

Screenshot of Cookie based targeting

Set Max Displays & Sessions

Toggle the Maximum Displays option on/off in order to set limits for how often your campaign will appear to visitors.

First, set the maximum number of times your campaign will display within a visitors session.

Then define a session length in terms of the number of hours/days/weeks/months/years.

Screenshot of Maximum Display and Sessions settings

Continue to Target After Engagement

To continue displaying campaigns to visitors after engagement, simply click the toggle on/off.

Screenshot of Target After Engagement option

Last updated on 15th Jul 2022