Bevy Design vs PixelPop

Bevy Design vs. Pixelpop

A third party investigated Bevy Design and similar apps. Their findings are summarized below:

"After using Pixelpop for a while, I have realized that they do not offer as many features when compared to other apps. Pixelpop has minimal functionality and offers only 7 different types of pop-ups. Also, Pixelpop doesn't have many integrations." - New User

Bevy Design vs. Pixelpop Features

Features Bevy Design Pixelpop
Pop-Ups Yes Yes
Flyouts Yes Yes
Banners Yes Yes
Bars Yes Yes
Spin To Win Yes No
Lead Capture Yes Yes
Games Yes No
Quizzes Yes No
Surveys Yes No
Landing Pages Yes No
Static Coupon Creation Yes Yes
Dynamic Coupon Creation Yes Yes
A/B Testing Yes No
Multi-Step Popup Yes No
Age Verification Yes No

Bevy Design vs. Pixelpop Price

Pixelpop has a monthly subscription plan that is priced based on the number of page views expected per month.

Number of Pageviews Price
Up To 500 Free
Up To 10,000 $12.00 Per Month
Up To 50,000 $24.00 Per Month
Up To 300,000 $48.00 Per Month

In Bevy Design, the pricing plan is also based on the expected number of monthly pageviews on the website, with a fixed subscription fee that is charged monthly. But, compared to Pixelpop, it offers more options for pricing plans from which we can choose the most suitable one that fits our business needs.

Our pricing plan and the number of pageviews included with each package are listed in the table below:

Number of Pageviews Price
Up To 500 Completely FREE
Up To 40,000 $29.00 Per Month
Up To 100,000 $49.00 Per Month
Up To 250,000 $99.00 Per Month
Up To 500,000 $149.00 Per Month
Up To 1,000,000 $249.00 Per Month
1M+ Contact Us For Custom Pricing

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Last updated on 15th Jul 2022