Bevy Share Cart

Let customers save or share their carts with family & friends

Seamless integration

Add a Share button to your cart page, no developers or theme changes are necessary. Apply pre-built themes to match your store in seconds!

Fully Customizable

Customize everything including fonts, colors, sizes, icons, positioning, alignment, link expiry conditions, social sharing content, and much more!

Measure Success

Track how many carts are being shared, engaged with, and how much revenue they are driving all from the intuitive dashboard!

100% Free

Bevy Share Cart is FREE to use. Seamlessly integrate with Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the language of the buttons and pop-ups to match my store?

Yes, you can customize all of the text that is displayed and shared directly from the Share Cart Dashboard.

Is it possible to create links that expire automatically after being visited?

It sure is! You can choose to set up the links so they expire after a specific number of visits or days.

How do I temporarily disable cart sharing without uninstalling?

You can turn off the app temporarily by clicking the toggle switch from the top bar of the Share Cart Dashboard.

I want the Share Cart app to do something, but it doesn't support it.

Our development team is always looking to add more features to make the app more robust. Reach out to our customer success managers through the in-app chat and they'll make the impossible, possible!

Ready to let visitors share their carts?